Studio Policy

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is due at the first lesson of every month. Late payments may be subject to a $10 fee. Event entry fees are not included in tuition and will be billed the month that the entry form is due.

Missed Lessons
I will make up or reschedule as many lessons as I can for when something comes up in your schedule or in the event of illness, but I can only guarantee 2 make-ups for each fall and spring and 1 make-up for each summer session.  Make-ups are only gauranteed when I am notified within 24 hrs. before the missed lesson.

I will buy most of the music and then bill you for it.  However, on some occasions that the music store does not have the music, I may direct the student to order it online.  Music usually costs on average about $15 for each student/semester, but it depends on the needs of the student.  

Event Participation
Participation in the Fall and Spring end of semester recitals is mandatory.  Events sponsored by the Waco Music Teachers Association such as the Fall festival or the State Theory Test are encouraged, but not required.